Our Services

We offer electrical services for industrial, commercial, and residential properties, including new installations, upgrades and repairs, or replacements.

Electrical Elite
Electrical Maintenance
Our maintenance programs are designed to provide preventive maintenance in an attempt to avoid electrical failures, unnecessary production loss, and safety violations.
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Panel Upgrades
If you’re older home is unable to keep up with the sometimes intense electrical demands of the 21st century, call us for an service panel upgrade.
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Lighting Upgrades
Are you noticing your home’s lighting starting to flicker or lose power on a more constant basis? Call us for an electric lighting upgrade.
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Solar Installation
The cleanest, most renewable and when implemented professionally, the most reliable energy source on the planet is solar. Call us to reduce your carbon footprint on our planet.
Electrical Elite
Don’t fall victim to frequent power outages and blackouts, they can be eliminated with the proper installation of a generator back-up system.
Call to install or repair yours today!
Electrical Elite
Electrical Repairs
Is your home suffering through electrical problems but you can’t figure out where they are coming from? Call us to have them fixed safely.

Our Electrical Technicians are:

  • Highly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled tradesmen
  • Rigorously trained in customer service
  • Friendly, helpful, and reliable. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t hire to work inside of our own homes.
  • Top-notch troubleshooters who specialize in saving you time and money
  • Fully outfitted with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a huge inventory of parts
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured